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Significance Of Some Clauses In A Sale Deed Executed In A Real Estate Transaction

A sale deed may contain clauses that allow for the termination of the agreement or dispute resolution in case a dispute arises between seller and buyer over the other terms of the agreement or subject matter of the agreement. This article seeks to explain some of these clauses of the sale deed and address some questions on the topic.

Significant Facts About Offering Less Than The Asking Price

If the parties mutually decide upon the asking price or the buyer’s offer price as the final sale value, the property transaction becomes a lot simpler. This article seeks to explain certain facts about the asking and address questions on the topic.

Best Way To Strategies Negotiation of A House

Buying a house is a long process that can last for more than a month. This article seeks to explain what negotiation is for the buyer and what steps and strategies can be adopted on the buyer’s side to get a favorable deal from the seller.

Important Facts About The Different Types Of Ownership

Real estate is known to be of these types; residential real estate, commercial real estate and industrial real estate. This article seeks to explain some valid concepts of real estate and the types of ownership in real estate.

Important Things To Consider Before Choosing A Title Company

A title company is an entity that ensures the legitimacy of the title of the property and then issues the title insurance for that property. This article seeks to explain the role of an attorney and a title company in a property transaction and the advantages and disadvantages of availing their services.

Important Rights & Obligations Of A Seller In A Property Transaction

In a property transaction, the parties involved have a number of rights, duties and obligations outlined to prevent the violation of these rights and breach of duties prior to, during and post the transaction.

The Important Rights & Duties Of A Residential Property Owner

A homebuyer purchases a residential property from the seller with bonafide intentions and by paying good consideration to become the owner of that property. This article seeks to explain the rights and duties of a residential property owner and highlight their correlation.

The Benefits Of Joint Property Registration

This comes with financial benefits for both the spouses and includes saving money on the purchase and monetary savings in the future. This article seeks to highlight the benefits of joint registration of property and explain these benefits for your understanding.

Some Significant Rights Of Tenants Under A Tenancy Laws

The landlord and tenant are two parties who have rights on the residential property which is the subject matter of their transaction. This article seeks to highlight certain significant rights enjoyed by tenants under the tenancy transaction.

Some Significant Rights Homeowners Should Know

There are several homeowners who are not aware of subsidiary rights that come bundled with these primary rights. There are several laws legislated by the Indian Parliament and various state legislatures for the benefit of homeowners with respect to their residential property.