A Possession certificate is a charter on conditioned by the Government which acts as an official affirmation regarding housing. In this certificate, the seller describes the details concerning the possession of the property in question.

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Uses of possession certificate

  • Must be provided while appealing for a home loan
  • To depict the exact date of ownership of the possession
  • To add a property to the State’s income documentation
  • For securing Government allocation
  • Proof of lodgings
  • Used to avail Government strategies associated with housing

Things to recall about the Possession Certificate

  • The whole mechanism about seven working days to complete processing
  • In case of the suspension of the processing, the applicant must contact the Tehsildar’s office to enquire about the matter.

Supporting documents to be submitted:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Land imposition
  • Proof of proprietorship of the property
  • Encumbrance certificate (proof that the property in question is free of any liabilities).
  • Voters Id


To a specified base period of time.

Types of Possession Certificate

  • A possession certificate represents the shift of ownership and interest in the property from the developer to a buyer.
  • The Revenue Divisional Officer issues Possession Certificate in town and Tahsildar in boondocks.
  • Occupancy Certificate is the proof of possession right. It also marks that the land is ready to be occupied.

Conditional possession letter

There can be a situation in which the buyer is not satisfied with the conditions of the property in that case one can have a conditional possession letter, that provides all the details about the reasons for the dissatisfaction of the buyer and can ask the seller to make the required changes mentioned in the possession letter by the buyer. If the seller fails to comply, then the buyer has the power to take the matter to the court.

Difference between possession certificate and Occupancy Certificate

The possession letter would not confirm you as the legal owner of the property. You will have to have an occupancy certificate for that. This is a certificate that has been issued by the local authorities validating that the construction work of the property has been completed as per the rules and regulations and is ready for occupation.

It is an important certificate that confirms the legal ownership of the property. If you can’t get this certificate the local authorities can suspend the property as illegal. A possession certificate on the other hand marks the property completion date. It doesn’t make you the legal owner of the property. The process to get a land possession certificate may differ from one state to another. Generally, the mechanism goes as follows:

  1. Visit the nearby Anchaladhikari office to get the application form. On the other hand, you can download the form from the Revenue and Land Reforms website of the corresponding state.
  2. Fill the form with the details
  3. Submit the necessary document along with the form to the concerned authorities.
  4. After submitting the application, the applicant will receive an acknowledgment slip that could be used for future reference.
  • Possession certificate in Telangana

Documents required for the certificate in Telangana include passport size photograph that is scanned, Ration card, Income details, Building completion notice that is been issued by the architect or an engineer, photographs of the property.

Applying procedures for the certificate involves the general mechanism in applying for the possession certificate.

  • Possession certificate in Andhra Pradesh

Documents required involves Ration card, Income proof, Scanned passport size photo

The steps to be followed in applying for the certificate involves visiting the nearby MeeSeva Franchise and submitting the application along with the required documents.

The application can also be submitted through MeeSeva online portals.

  • Possession certificate in Bihar

Documents that are required for securing possession certificates involve the copy of the application form, Ration card, Sale deed, and lease agreement copy that is registered, Encumbrance certificate, Income certificate, Passport size photograph.

The steps to be followed in applying for the certificate involves visiting the nearby Anchaladhikari office or Right to Public Service(RTPS) office and submitting the required form along with the necessary documents. The application for the possession certificate can be submitted through the concerned authorities’ online portals.

Likewise, there are some variations in the documents and the procedures that should be followed in securing a possession certificate in different states, wherein few of them had been mentioned above.

A certificate preserves you against any lawsuit and asserts your legal ownership of the property. Simultaneously, it also helps one to sell the property in the future without any sort of difficulties, and that it is also necessary that you provide the possession certificate to the prospective buyer.

Possession certificates in the present era can be generated through online portals of the different states.


There are fees that are involved in securing the possession certificate that may vary between the different states and also depending upon other factors.

Eligibility Yardstick

The possession certificate is only issued if the property is free from all sorts of legal disputes and is to be noted that the concerned land does not belong to the Government.

The necessity of a Possession certificate

If one is planning to take a home loan or the government strategies related to housing, one should have the possession certificate. On the other hand, if you do not secure this certificate, the ownership of the property can be deemed as an illegal one by the local municipal authority.


Summing up, it is to be stated that the possession certificate is a document of vital importance in India. It is issued by the authority after ensuring that there are no legal or financial defects in the property. possession of the property without the possession certificate can be deemed as illegal and the buyer can be asked to evict the property. Thus it is important to acquire the possession certificate in order to establish the legal right to possess the property.