Importance Of Verification Of Documents For An Apartment

In the present times, a layman can also verify and attest to the authenticity of the documents without the help of a lawyer. Every single detailing should be checked and verified. There are quite a few steps that need to be followed.

Important Facts About Selling A House Without Documents

If you don’t have a deed document, then you may ask the mortgage holder for a copy. They may provide you with one or you may approach the registrar's office in whose jurisdiction the property falls, to acquire a copy of the property’s registration.

Important Points On Partial Occupancy Certificate

The partial occupancy certificate also declares that the completed part of the project is ready for possession and occupancy. The partial occupancy certificate is issued based on the Building by-laws and it is made valid until the occupancy certificate is issued after the construction process has been completed.

Important Documents Required For Registration Of A New Plot

The registration of the property deals with the process of recording all the documents of the property as the ownership and other rights in the property gets transferred from the old seller to the new buyer.

Important Documents Required For Residential Property Under Construction

The complete law and legality concerning the sale of the property may vary from State to State. However, some of the permissions and documents that need to be obtained and provided by the seller are similar.

Important Documents Required To Get Resale Property Registered

Buying a resale property is quite a good option as it permits the buyer to acquire property at a negotiable rate. It is also advantageous as its property can be occupied in no time unlike the property under construction. The article discusses the various documents required for resale property registration.

Important Facts Relevant To The Sale Of A House

There are some crucial facts when it comes to the sale of a house like ascertaining the value of a house, preparing and maintaining documents as record and proof of the sale, aspects of the price negotiation, registration process etc.

Important Questions on Lease and Rental Agreements

Tenancy transactions and Lease Transactions are similar with a few dissimilarities.This article seeks to address certain questions on the rent and lease agreements and underline their importance.

Importance Of No Objection Certificate In Real Estate Transactions

A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is one such important document involved in property transactions. A NOC is a document that essentially proves the ownership of a person over the property.