Home Loan Interest Rates: Important Facts You Need To Know

There are a number of factors to be considered when you have to select the best home loan or lending option available to you. And the most important factor to be considered is the interest rate.

EMI for Home Loan- Everything You Should Know

An EMI stands for Equated Monthly Instalment. A home loan borrower who has availed a home loan needs to discharge his or her liability by making monthly payments to repay the loan amount within a stipulated loan tenure. These monthly payments are called EMI.

Tips For Insufficiency Of Money For Down Payment Of A House

There are options that can be utilized to raise or free up funds and this article attempts to explain some of these options and address doubts regarding them.

Factors To Be Considered While Availing A Home Loan

These are a few questions that weigh on the minds of homebuyers when they seek to avail a home loan for purchasing their very own home. Normally, the quantum of a home loan is large and it requires a heavy financial commitment.

Expenses You Should Be Aware Of While Purchasing A House

Purchasing a house can be an expensive affair. The costs that accompany such a significant financial transaction can burn a serious hole in your pocket.

Different Kinds Of Loans On Real Estate Property

There are several types of property available in India. But most of us are very unclear about them as in what exactly is that loan, documents required, the process to be followed, etc. 

The 50% Rule and Its Importance in Real Estate

50% rule is a common tool used among investors to identify the most potential deal. It is a method to analyze the expense that could be incurred in a rental property.