Important Facts About The Different Types Of Ownership

Real estate is known to be of these types; residential real estate, commercial real estate and industrial real estate. This article seeks to explain some valid concepts of real estate and the types of ownership in real estate.

The Benefits Of Joint Property Registration

This comes with financial benefits for both the spouses and includes saving money on the purchase and monetary savings in the future. This article seeks to highlight the benefits of joint registration of property and explain these benefits for your understanding.

Some Important Facts About Being Homeowners

Ownership of a real estate property comes with its share of ownership rights that allow you to enjoy, use, improve, transfer or dispose of the property as you deem fit. This article seeks to explain some of the concepts related to ownership and the ways it can be transferred.

All You Should Know About Ownership And Other Property Rights

A property right is an interest or entitlement of a person in a property that can be enforced via legal means. These rights allow a person to possess, enjoy, use, and dispose of the property s/he owns.

Joint Ownership: Important Facts You Need To Know

By opting for joint ownership, you and a few others pool in their resources/funds to purchase the property. After purchasing the property, you and your partners have a joint or united ownership interest in the purchased property and are called joint or co-owners of the property.