Legal Title v/s Beneficial Title: Everything You Should Know

The legal right and the beneficial rights need to be differentiated and this could be made through an agreement. This agreement is also called the 'declaration of trust' and as 'tenant in common agreement' in the case of the tenancy.

Illegal Eviction- Everything You Should Know

It is observed that there are instances where the landlord uses absurd excuses to evict tenants without providing the actual reason for such eviction, as these do not provide them with any legal authority to evict tenants.

Important Facts About The Model Tenancy Act, 2019

This law has been drafted by the Indian Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs and aims to provide adequate and affordable rental housing in the country.

Legal Rules And Rights Over A Property

It is very imperative to understand the legal aspects of buying a property as investing in property often calls for lifetime savings. Here are a few important legal aspects to consider before investing in a home.