EMI for Home Loan- Everything You Should Know

An EMI stands for Equated Monthly Instalment. A home loan borrower who has availed a home loan needs to discharge his or her liability by making monthly payments to repay the loan amount within a stipulated loan tenure. These monthly payments are called EMI.

Loan Against Property: Everything You Should Know

Real estate makes for a good investment and is generally expected to appreciate at value and price in the long run. However, one should understand that it is not the physical form of a dwelling that sets the prices soaring in the market.

Factors To Be Considered While Availing A Home Loan

These are a few questions that weigh on the minds of homebuyers when they seek to avail a home loan for purchasing their very own home. Normally, the quantum of a home loan is large and it requires a heavy financial commitment.

Expenses You Should Be Aware Of While Purchasing A House

Purchasing a house can be an expensive affair. The costs that accompany such a significant financial transaction can burn a serious hole in your pocket.

Does Home Loans Make Buying A House More Expensive?

A home loan by its very nature is a long-term liability. It is up to the borrower to determine if it is more expensive or cheaper than the alternative sources of funds that can be availed to purchase a house.

Importance of Liquidity in Financing a Real Estate Property

Liquidity in Real Estate is all about how easily an asset can be converted into cash in the market.  In simple terms, it can be defined as the ability to sell the asset or property at a fair price within a fixed period of time.