Remedies A Landlord Has Against A Tenant In India

In India, tenancy transactions i.e. the transaction between a landlord and a tenant is governed on the statutory level by the Rent Control Act on the national level. This article highlights the remedies a landlord has against the tenant who has committed wrong or violated the rental agreement in India.

Important Questions on Lease and Rental Agreements

Tenancy transactions and Lease Transactions are similar with a few dissimilarities.This article seeks to address certain questions on the rent and lease agreements and underline their importance.

Important Facts On Property Tax And Ownership In India

Usually people are required to pay property tax over the property that they can claim ownership to. The owner of a property is liable to pay the tax that is levied by the local body called property tax.

Payment Of Amenities In Rented Property

Developers charge an extra amount for the use of these amenities. Since these amenities are community and commercial facilities, the owners are charged a monthly maintenance fee for upholding the standards of societal living and maintenance of such facilities.

Rental Agreement- Purpose, Procedure, Clauses & Mistakes

A rental agreement is a legal document signed by the landlord and the tenant who desires to have the property for lease or rent, under certain fixed norms and conditions.