Important Rights Of Tenants With Lease

The term tenancy can be defined as the right to possess or occupy land, building, or property through a lease or payment of rent. All the terms of the agreement must be mentioned under the lease agreement. The Transfer of Property Act enshrines the tenant with the lease, certain rights.

The Important Rights & Duties Of A Residential Property Owner

A homebuyer purchases a residential property from the seller with bonafide intentions and by paying good consideration to become the owner of that property. This article seeks to explain the rights and duties of a residential property owner and highlight their correlation.

Some Significant Rights Of Tenants Under A Tenancy Laws

The landlord and tenant are two parties who have rights on the residential property which is the subject matter of their transaction. This article seeks to highlight certain significant rights enjoyed by tenants under the tenancy transaction.

Some Significant Rights Homeowners Should Know

There are several homeowners who are not aware of subsidiary rights that come bundled with these primary rights. There are several laws legislated by the Indian Parliament and various state legislatures for the benefit of homeowners with respect to their residential property.

Remedies A Landlord Has Against A Tenant In India

In India, tenancy transactions i.e. the transaction between a landlord and a tenant is governed on the statutory level by the Rent Control Act on the national level. This article highlights the remedies a landlord has against the tenant who has committed wrong or violated the rental agreement in India.

All You Should Know About Ownership And Other Property Rights

A property right is an interest or entitlement of a person in a property that can be enforced via legal means. These rights allow a person to possess, enjoy, use, and dispose of the property s/he owns.

What Are The Important Rights Of Homeowners?

A homeowner has certain rights about his or her property that allow him or her to fully use and enjoy the owned property. This article seeks to explain the proprietary rights of a homeowner about his or her residential property and address questions related to this topic.