Selling A House? Everything You Should Know

The sale of residential property requires much due diligence on the part of the seller of the property. In a sales transaction, the role played by the seller is also crucial because he should ensure that there are no disputes and to get the highest possible return from the property. 

Significance Of Some Clauses In A Sale Deed Executed In A Real Estate Transaction

A sale deed may contain clauses that allow for the termination of the agreement or dispute resolution in case a dispute arises between seller and buyer over the other terms of the agreement or subject matter of the agreement. This article seeks to explain some of these clauses of the sale deed and address some questions on the topic.

Important Rights & Obligations Of A Seller In A Property Transaction

In a property transaction, the parties involved have a number of rights, duties and obligations outlined to prevent the violation of these rights and breach of duties prior to, during and post the transaction.

Important Facts Relevant To The Sale Of A House

There are some crucial facts when it comes to the sale of a house like ascertaining the value of a house, preparing and maintaining documents as record and proof of the sale, aspects of the price negotiation, registration process etc.

Important Real Estate Tips For The Sale Of A Property

Selling a house can be a monumental task. Despite the advances in virtual fora and online platforms where you can simply post the best of your house pictures and the choicest of details, the downside is that there are several others doing this too.

Problems That A Seller May Face While Selling Real Estate Property

A seller invests a lot of his time, money and energy in preparing a property that has been sold. Sometimes, sellers are emotionally attached to their property, and may not want to sell it.

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Important Things To Do If Property Is Not Selling

The most frustrating experience that a seller faces is when the property fails or remains unsold despite being on the market for a long period of time. However, it is important to note that the sale of a property involves several stages.

How Can Sellers Save Money On Sale Of Property?

A property transaction is an expensive process. It has several payments made to different parties in the form of charges, commission, interest, taxes, fees, etc. This article highlights different ways through which the sellers can use to save money on the sale of the property.