Important Facts On Month To Month Tenancy

Month to month lease agreements provide the tenant and the landlord with the opportunity of great flexibility in terms of the lease agreement.

Important Steps For Safeguarding Rights Of Tenants

The relationship between the landlord and the tenant is not always a peaceful one. There are instances where the landlord may attempt to intimidate the tenant or force him to move out. Sometimes, the landlord may perform certain acts in order to disrupt the peaceful enjoyment of the property by the tenant.

Important Steps While Getting Back Security Deposit

When the tenancy comes to an end, the tenant is entitled to get his or her security deposit from the landlord. However, there may be some dues or arrears incurred by the tenant during the period of the tenancy.

Importance Of Tenancy And Things To Check Before Renting

A tenancy may commence from a stipulated date stated in the rent agreement and may start with the landlord giving the keys to the tenant and the tenant moving into the rental property and premises with his or her possessions.

Important Facts About The Model Tenancy Act, 2019

This law has been drafted by the Indian Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs and aims to provide adequate and affordable rental housing in the country.