Legal Title v/s Beneficial Title: Everything You Should Know

The legal right and the beneficial rights need to be differentiated and this could be made through an agreement. This agreement is also called the 'declaration of trust' and as 'tenant in common agreement' in the case of the tenancy.

Importance of Title Company in a Sale Process

When buying a house, an agency that is involved in the entire process is the title company. The title company is a third party that is used to verify the title of the real estate that has been given to the buyer.

Title Search – Everything You Should Know and Why is it Important?

A title search of a property is essential in order to prevent legal disputes after the sale of a property. It is generally done with the help of an advocate. The advocate will determine by going through the previous records of the property.

Good and Marketable Title in Residential Real Estate

In real estate, the transfer of title from one person to another person refers to the transfer of ownership of the property. The selling of real estate involves the transfer of its title. The concept of marketability of title is with reference to the ownership of the real estate property.

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The Credibility of a Title Report and Title Search

The title of a property is an important document that helps in proving the ownership of the property. It contains all the important information regarding the property. The title search provides information for the title report.