The most important stage of a property purchase is when the buyer receives the letter from the builder to take over the possession of the property. It is one of the most fulfilling parts of the purchasing process, however, the buyer must ensure certain steps or verifications that the buyer should make. The buyer must ensure that the property is ready for possession and that all the legal requirements have been met before taking over the property to avoid any form of issues in the future.

It is important to ensure that all the facilities and amenities promised by the builder at the beginning of the construction have been fulfilled and that they are ready for use. It is also important to ensure that the construction process is carried out legally and that there is no construction and legal defects in the property.

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Checklist before taking possession

Listed below are certain things that the buyer needs to consider before taking over possession of the property.

  • Verification of documents

Documents have a large legal value in cases of any disputes in the future as it has an evidentiary value attached to it. Some of the most valuable documents that need to be procured and kept even after the completion of transfer include:

  1. The encumbrance certificate is a mandatory legal document that provides the details of the ownership and also declares that the property is free from any form of encumbrances or financial and legal liabilities.
  2. Commencement certificate is also an important document that the builder is responsible to acquire at the beginning of the construction process from the authorized government body after the Intimation of Disapproval or Authorization specifications has been filled.
  3. The builder is also responsible to obtain no objection letters from the various government bodies before the construction process such as BESCOM/BWSSB, KPTCL, and Environment Clearance.
  4. The completion certificate is an important document that provides that the construction has been carried out by the prevailing norms and regulations.
  5. The next most important document that needs to be considered before taking over the possession of the property is that the builder has received the occupancy certificate. This is an important document that needs to be provided and on whose absence the possession becomes illegal and the builder can be held liable for such actions.
  6. The Khata certificate and the Khata extract should also need to be obtained and verified to ensure the name of the person’s name in whose name the property records are to be maintained with the local authorities.
  7. The building plan needs to be approved by the municipal authorities. Any construction that takes place on the property without the approval of the authorities is considered illegal and can be demolished.
  8. A joint development agreement, tripartite agreement (if the builder has acquired to develop the property), conversion certificate, etc. need to be obtained if they are applicable. The details of utilities such as electricity, water, etc. also need to be obtained. You may require an agreement with the maintenance agencies as well.
  9. A letter showing that no dues are pending on the property also needs to be acquired.
  10. It is very important that the registered sales deed, mother deed, and the receipts of tax be acquired during the registration of the property.

The builders may promise the buyer at the time of selling or at the beginning of the construction that he would provide various facilities such as a swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, etc. The builders may cause delay and then may provide the house for possession without ensuring the best possible quality on these facilities.

Thus it is recommended that the buyer physically inspect the property and check for any form of defect in these properties. If you have been promised facilities such as lift, make sure to ensure that they are in working condition before taking over possession of the property. You may also want to check through the common area setting and ensure that the construction works are carried out in the desired manner.

  • Features and fittings

It is also important to ensure that the features and the fitting are also done according to the agreed terms during the beginning of construction. These include electrical switchboard, doorknobs, bathroom fittings, etc. you may also exercise due diligence by ensuring that the door and windows have been installed according to the plan and that they are smoothly functioning.

You are also required to check if there are any cracks on the walls as it is one of the most common visible issues faced by the people. You may check for cracks on the foundation, ceilings, and walls, and also along with the electrical sockets.

  • Drainage and leakages:

Drainage and leakage are the most important factors that need to be checked before taking over possession. Clogging of drainage is one major concern of the buyers that move into their new apartment. Thus it is advised to the new buyers that they check the various outlets such as the drainage outlets in balconies, bathrooms, kitchen, utility, etc. for a clog.

Besides checking that the drainage facilities are perfect for using it is also important to ensure that the leakages are also checked. For this purpose, you may check the taps of the washroom, kitchen, and all the areas wherein the taps have been installed. You should ensure that there is no leakage in the opening and closing of the taps. These issues can be easily resolved in the earlier stage than in the latter stages.


Summing up, it is to be stated that taking over possession is the most fruitful time in the purchase transaction. Thus it is important that it is done right and not rushed as there is already a lot of money that has been invested in this process. Buyers should ensure that they check through the various documents and other amenities, their fittings and the drainage facilities. It is important to ensure that the house is constructed according to the approved plan and it is also important to ensure that no dues are pending on the property. It is recommended to take the help of a third party who is a professional and is unbiased for the same.